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1.      V. R. Thool, R.C. Thool, T. K. Basu, “Instrumentation Schemes and optimization of parameter in drip irrigation system”, published by LAP-LAMBERT, Germany on 18 July 2012

2.      R. S. Holambe and M. S. Deshpande ,“Advances in Non-Linear Modeling for Speech Processing”, Springer, New York , USA, 2012

3.    S. S. Salankar, and B. M. Patre, “Sonar and Radar Signal Classification: Neural Network Based Approaches”, (ISBN 978-3-8473-4017-1), LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, January, 2012.

4.    V. G. Asutkar, B. M. Patre, and T. K. Basu, “Linear Time-Varying System Identification: Different Approaches”, (ISBN 978-3-8473-0682-5), LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, December, 2011.

5.      L. M. Waghmare, R. S. Holambe, S. P. Narote, “Iris Recognition Based New Technique for Person Identification” VDM Verlag ,Dr. Müller e.K , ISBN 978-3-639-31292-8, 136 Pages.                                                                                                                                                                 

6.       S. P. Narote, R. S. Holambe and L. M. Waghmare, Iris Recognition Based New Technique for Person Identification: DTCWWT Based Feature Extraction”, VDM Publishing House Ltd, Mauritius 2011

7.       Navnath Nehe and Raghunath S. Holambe, “Isolated Word Recognition: New Feature Extraction Techniques” , VDM Publishing House Ltd, USA 2011

8.      M. S. Deshpande and R. S. Holambe, “Speaker Identification: New Spectral Feature Extraction Techniques; Linear and nonlinear modeling techniques”, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, Germany 2011

9.      B. M. Patre and P. J. Deore, “Robust Control for Parametric Uncertain Systems: An Interval Arithmetic Approach”, (ISBN 978-3-6391-9079-3),VDM-Verlag, Germany, September 2009.  

10.   L.M. Waghmare , Prepared a Teaching Aid on ,“Identification and Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems using Multilayer Neural Networks”, sponsored by Quality Improvement Programme Centre, University of Roorkee , Roorkee-247667


Books Chapters

1.      B. M. Patre, V. M. Panchade and R. M. Nagarale, “Sliding Mode Control of DC Drives”, book on Sliding Mode Control, (ISBN 978-953-7619-X-X), In-Tech Publishers, Vienna, Austria, PP. 168-180, 2011

2.      V. G. Asutkar and B. M. Patre, “Identification of Linear Time-Varying System: Kalman Filter Approach” accepted in book “Intelligent Industrial Systems: Modelling, Automation and Adaptive Behaviour. A book Edited by Dr. Gerasimos G. Rigatos and published by IGI Global Publication, Chapter 8, pp. 221-237, 2010.

3.   D. V. Jadhao, R. S. Holambe, “Transform Based Feature Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction”, Advances in Face Image Analysis: Techniques and Technologies, Edited by Yu-Jin Zhang (Tsing Hua University), IGI Global Publishing, 2010 [ISBN 10:1615209913], pp120-136

4.   S. K. Chidrawar, B. M. Patre  and L. M. Waghmare “Neural Generalized Predictive Control for Industrial Processes”, book Automation and Control-Theory and Practice, (ISBN 978-953-7619-39-8), In-Tech Publishers, Vienna, Austria, pp. 199-230, 2009.

5.    P. D. Shendge, B. M. Patre, and S. B. Phadke, “Robust Load Frequency Sliding Mode Control based on Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimator”, accepted in book “Recent Development in Industrial Engineering and Operation Research” Lecture notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 5, pp. 361-374, Springer-Verlag USA, 2008

6.    R. S. Holambe and M. S. Deshpande, “Noise Robust Speaker Identification: Nonlinear Modeling Techniques”, Advances in forensic speaker recognition: criminal justice and counter terrorism, Springer New York USA (in press) 

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