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Continuing Education Programmes

The department conducts regularly faculty and staff development programs under the AICTE/ISTE/TEQIP schemes for the benefit of faculty members of various engineering colleges. Experts from IIT/NIT/R&D Labs/industry are regularly contributing to these courses. The aim of conducting these course is to update the knowledge of all the concerned in the advanced technological area. This is helping us in developing good interaction with industry and research and development laboratories of national repute.

List of courses organized/ arranged by Faculty members since 2004 are as follows:

Sr. No.

Title of CEP



Funding Agency

1. The right tools for the placement on effective use  ofmanagement tools & techniques  18th April 2014     R. P. Borse                      TEQIP-II
2. YOKOGAWA DCS SYSTEM 10th -12th April 2014 Prof. R. G. Jamkar TEQIP-II
3. MEMS Design & Simulation using TCAD software 24th -26thMar 2014 Dr. R. V. Sarwadnya, Dr. R. H. Chile                     TEQIP-II
4. Process Control with MATLAB  Hands on 22nd -23rdMar 2014 Dr. L. M. Waghmare                     TEQIP-II
5. embedded ‘c’ for microcontroller 8051”  For third year and M. Tech students 28st Feb -2nd Mar 2014 Prof. R. G. Jamkar                     TEQIP-II
6. LabVEW and its Applications 21st -23rd Feb 2014 Dr. V. R. Thool                     TEQIP-II
7. Sustainable Energy Development Project Design & Management Learning Camp for students 12th-19th Jan 2014                       TEQIP-II
8. Case Study:  Design and Detail Engineering" for M. Tech and B. Tech. students 5thJan 2014                        TEQIP-II
9. Winter School on Biomatrics for secured Authentication : Fundamentals and Advances 24th - 27thDec 2013 Dr. R. S. Holambe   TEQIP-II
10. Overview of Instrumentation in Industry and Soft Skill Requirements 15th - 16thDec 2013    TEQIP-II
11. Field Instrumentation"  for B. Tech and M. Tech. -I students 16thOctober 2013   TEQIP-II
12. Sustainable Energy Development Learning Camp for students 16 th -20th  Sept 2013 Dr. R. V. Sarwadnya   TEQIP-II
13. Emerging  Trends in Nano science and Nano technology 6th-7th August 2013

Dr. R. V. Sarwadnya,

Dr. Rekha Pande



Instrumentaion Control & Signal Processing

8th -9th July 2013

Dr. B. M. Patre, Dr. R. H. Chile


 15. One day workshop by Mr. Atul Kabre from Reliance Industries Limited. (For students)

Mar 25, 2012

Dr. L. M. Waghmare TEQIP-II


One day workshop by Mr. Rajesh Shah, Director, NICE Consultancy, Mumbai on “Career Opportunities for Instrumentation Engineer” and "Basics of Instrumentation" 

March 30, 2011

Dr. L. M. Waghmare



SCILAB and its Application to Global Optimization and Fractional Differential Equations

 23rd-25thApril 2010

Dr. B. M. Patre

Open Source Software Project of National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) through IIT, Bombay


Application of Digital Signal Processing in Industry

March. 20-21, 2010

Dr. R. S. Holambe 

Dr. R. H. Chile



ECG Analysis and Interpretation

February 17,  2010

Dr. S. T. Hamde    

Dr. B. M. Patre



Recent Trends in Instrumentation and Control

January 27-29, 2006.

Dr. B. M. Patre       

Prof. R. G. Jamkar



Biomedical Instrumentation

April 15-17, 2006

Dr. S. G. Kahalekar

Dr. S. T. Hamde 

Dr. V. R. Thool



Digital Signal Processing

December 20-25, 2006

Dr. R. S. Holambe

Dr. L. M. Waghmare



Advances in Biomedical Instrumentation

January 1-3, 2005

Dr. S. G. Kahalekar

Dr. S. T. Hamde





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